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Create Instant Authority & Earn Passive Revenue

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Online Courses Made Easy Workshop

In this workshop, I'm going to share with you...

✺ Why Online Courses are a great way to grow your impact AND create new passive revenue stream that helps you #makemoneywhileyousleep


✺ Why traditional online courses don't work for the instructor OR the student (and a new way to teach that is easier & more effective)


✺ Why 2020 has changed the way we do business and why that is great news for entrepreneurs who value connection


Join me for this complimentary workshop to learn how to create an easy AND impactful online course that supports you and creates long lasting "Soulful Connection" with your clients.


More About Christine & Soulful Selling:

With over 15 years of experience selling to Fortune 500 companies, starts ups and entrepreneurs, Christine has sold well over $100 million in products and services.  After leaving the corporate world, she began working in the world of online education.  She started out by developed nine courses in partnership with LinkedIn Learning that have well over 100,000 students. 

Christine & Soulful Selling has been featured in Inc, Forbes, Huffington Post, EverCoach by MindValley and several other publications and websites. 

Christine now works with conscious entrepreneurs and small companies to help them build their businesses in ways that feel in alignment with their purpose.  She has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to build online courses to build passive revenue in ways that create the most impact for their clients.


What People Are Saying:

"Take this course!!! I sear it will change the way you think about yourself and make the things you want to do seem easy rather than daunting.  Do it!!!

-Alice Shaw, Pivot Workshops

My business has become a dream come true thanks to my amazing coach, Christine.  I officially make money while I sleep with the evergreen products on my site.

-Ashley Ahmadzai, Manifestation Coach