Quiet Selling Secrets

A Proven Framework to Unleashing a Flow of New (and repeat!) Clients with Authenticity

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In this training, I'm going to reveal to you...

➡️ The 4-step Quiet Selling framework proven to unleash a flow of new (and repeat!) clients while still remaining 100% authentic


➡️ The two secret ingredients to creating trust & confidence in yourself AND your clients


➡️ What you can do BEFORE selling that will make every offer more likely to end in a sale


Join me for this for this complimentary training to learn how to promote yourself in a way that feels 100% authentic and create long lasting "soulful connection" with your clients.


More About Christine & The Quiet Selling Method:

With over 15 years of experience selling to Fortune 500 companies, starts ups and entrepreneurs, Christine has sold well over $100 million in products and services.  And she did it all as an introvert without using the "old ways" of selling that many believe are necessary to succeed.  

Christine now coaches entrepreneurs in sales and self promotion and has worked with over 100,000 students through her online courses and personal coaching.


What People Are Saying:

"Christine in a gentle way, helped me get out of my comfort zone and feel more comfortable selling in my business."  Business Owner, Laura W.


"Christine is a natural seller and teacher. After achieving so much corporate success, you can learn a truckload from this woman that’s truly thoughtful and crazily effective.” -Best selling author, Susie Moore


"Christine is like a stealth ninja of sales and people skills…with this quiet, gentle, and soulful packaging. No external bull shit…just deep goodness and exquisite skill."  -Intuitive Life coach and artist, Allison Crow